Saturday, May 9, 2009

One year ago

As I wake up on this one year anniversary, I am greeted by a healthy happy thriving little 3 year old who is telling me to wake up b/c it is 'morning time'. She is climbing into our bed to give us a good morning kiss and wants to go downstairs to watch her favorite show 'Dora the Explorer'. When downstairs, she turns on her kids bop CD and starts singing into a microphone. She is happy. I remember a year ago today bringing home a tiny frightened little girl with no hair who is clinging to me for dear life. She is quiet and serious trying to take in all that is happening and constantly changing in her world. She is exhausted and sick. She only sleeps with her body pressed against mine and wakes several times to see if I am there. She is terrified of our 2 gentle dogs and seems to climb so high on me that she is wrapped around my head. She eats like she has never seen food before and this might be her last meal. She has never seen a book and stares at them not understanding their purpose. She is amazed at driving in the car and stares quietly out the window. Her tiny legs have rickets and she seems so frail. A year later, she is chunky and has become a picky eater. She loves french fries and pasta with tomatoes. She loves to be read to especially by her sister. Her rickets are gone, she speaks in complete sentences, she is confident and loud. She has the most beautiful curly brown hair. She loves her dogs and asks to sleep with lucky our cat at night. She falls asleep in her bed with a smile and sigh. She has doubled in size and keeps outgrowing shoes. She loves pink and playing with her cousin Emily. When I go to work, she says 'bye mommy, I lub you'. Diana is her 'sista' and Jack and Alex are her 'bruddas'. I am mommy or her 'mudda'. Mike is daddy. Of all the joys in my life, there is no greater joy than knowing that Eva is happy.

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