Saturday, September 10, 2011

My heart break

On September 11th, 2001, the world changed.....At least for Americans. On that day we were cordially invited to be a part of the evilness and terror that exists all over this shrinking planet. Prior to 9/11, we lived our lives with a false sense of security. We were able to turn away feeling protected by a vast ocean that separated 'us' from 'them'.

Then the world changed. I lived through it....barely(emotionally speaking). I couldn't believe my eyes, frantically calling my sister Leanne whose office faced the towers, and my Aunt Maria who was six blocks away. It seemed like forever before I knew they were safe. My Aunt thought the world was coming to an end and was on her knees praying, finally finding safety on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge. By the grace of God, Leanne was uptown at an appointment.

Having deep roots in NYC, I have spent my entire life visiting grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. It feels like my second home. We toasted my 30th birthday at Windows of the World facing out toward the Hudson River. New York is such a part of me. To see a skyline without those two majestic buildings still breaks my heart, and I cannot bring myself to visit ground zero. Such evilness had finally found its way to American soil, but why New York? So many lives lost, and even more lives changed forever.

I feel I lived through it twice, when it actually happened and then the following year when the media made us live through it again. Now here we are ten years later and I feel like I am living through it for the third time. It is everywhere I look and I feel like my heart is breaking all over again. I am especially haunted by the jumpers. It is just unimaginable.

When I speak at events, I try and explain that it is no longer a choice to ignore things like the famine in Somalia or the rape and mutilation of girls in the Congo. We must get involved because we are all connected and what happens over there will eventually affect us over on that horrible day ten years ago...

I pray for peace for everyone who lost a loved one on what started out as a beautiful September day. And I pray that evilness will eventually be overcome by acceptance, understanding, compassion, generosity and love.

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  1. That was beautiful, my heartbreaks with you. Scott is glued to the media, and I just want to shut it off. Thanks for sharing.