Saturday, April 21, 2012

An apple a day....

True story.... One day around the time Eva first came to our home,  I gave her an apple which she gladly took.  A little while later she came to me and gave me what was left,  the stem.  She had eaten the entire apple, core and seeds and the only thing that remained was the pathetic little sad looking stem.  Heartbreak.  It reminded me that she was still eating in survival mode which meant nothing ever got left.  In the first couple months with us, she would eat like it was her last meal because in her mind,  it might have been .  She never turned away one single food item making me realize that she must have been hungry for the first two years of her life, a pain that is not easily forgotten.

Now of course,  Eva is a finicky picky six year old who amazingly doesn't eat meat and loves cookies.  I smile actually because I know this means  that she has moved on and adjusted nicely.  Again the bitter sweetness of it all pains me knowing as Eva goes to bed every night with a full belly and will never know that hunger again,  her sister still does.  To see a picture of her beautiful sister recently only reminded me of this.  Even though she is a few years older, Eva has already surpassed her in size.  More heartbreak.

How can I live everyday knowing this.  It can sometimes be excruciating.  What can I do, what can I do.  In the end,  I know the best I can do is promote education for girls in Ethiopia through the building of schools and libraries.  Sadly for me and other than that,  my hands are tied.  That is why raising awareness is so important to me.  That is why I can't wait for the release of my book.  I want to stand in front of a microphone and shout to the world......Look,  look what is going on on our tiny planet.....

But again, education is the key and makes me think of the overused saying that is so popular with teachers,  and now with my own little twist goes like this,   Give a girl a fish, feed her for a day.  But teach a girl to fish and feed her and her children for life!


  1. Beautiful post, Christine. It's a message that the world definitely needs to listen to. Well said. ~ Jess

  2. Chris, I am so happy Facebook has brought you back into my life. Your blog and posts are so eloquent and I can not WAIT until your book comes out! (I'll need to book you for presentations & signings in South Jersey!!!) We could have a honey tasting! And...I must admit I absolutely love watching the videos your sons & their friend produce. I hope your schools have good multi-media classes. Thinking of you-Cin